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The Wellness MedSpa

Wellness MedSpa is dedicated to treating our inner and outer self’s needs with non-surgical state-of-the-art treatments.

Philosophy = “To glow from the inside out”.

We offer weight loss services, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, and dietary counseling through sophisticated laboratory analysis of our bodies food allergies, intolerance's and inflammatory sources.

Our Services


We look at your Wellness from the" Inside Out"- using exhaustive, leading in healthcare - Advanced Lab Testing

Non-Surgical Aesthetic Services Fillers + Peels + Facials + Ageing + Acne focus

Weight Loss + Athletic Peak Performance Protocols

CEO/Management Health and Wellness protocols

Rejuvenation/Detox Weekend Packages


Wellness MedSpa is exhaustive in all their pursuits to get at what is really your health status. 

We currently utilize our testing through; German Hair Sampling, Vibrant-America Labs, Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp, Wells Pharmacy Network, Innovex Pharmaceutical all based in the USA and FDA Certified and Inspected.


We utilize three Lab Testing Companies to arrive at the information we want to know for you. Vibrant-America Lab testing out of California for our cellular level knowledge, Test Smartly for any 90 day, hair sampling of any Lab deficiencies you might have and Quest Diagnostics for generalized testing needed.


Use state of the art fillers only with proven track records for safety and results. If the research does not validate a product we will not carry it in house , as some contain particles in them we will not work with. Injection is an ART with a good product base and only our Board Certified Plastic Surgeon injects any filler procedures we perform. LASER HAIR REMOVAL AS WELL NOW!

Pellette Hormone Injection Therapy

The United States has been proven to be the leading nation for hormone imbalances that are affecting our overall health and wellness, chronically. Factors that lead to hormone disruptions such as medications, birth control and environmental factors are what we seek to correct for you.


Testing Experience the Power of
Integrative Medicine

Feeling slow, tired, hormonally off, depressed, weight gain, hair loss, fatigue, BRAIN FOG? We know exactly what to look for with thyroid problems, adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalances for all stages of life and wellness. Our lab testing will finally be able to give you answers versus another doctor telling you, "everything is fine".

What We Do

We treat you from the inside out in a Wellness+Health capacity focusing on metabolic balancing and hormone replacement as well as your external shine and glow, in a cosmetic capacity.

We utilize exhaustive testing to arrive at our health goals/treatment plan for you. Our entire approach for a patient is to feel their absolute best. Whether you are stay at home parent,  an athlete looking to peak your performance or an executive looking to optimize health for longevity we have you covered.  We only speak a health language and advocate for your optimization in all you do in life.

We're Already There

With state of the art lab testing that no one else locally is testing, we have you covered from a wellness perspective. Our clientele come from a multi-state area now because they get all the benefits of "concierge medicine", without the high cost's associated with such 1:1 individualized care. We have over 40 year's combined medical+aesthetic training as well to offer you. 

The Company You Keep

Why would you ever want anyone else in your medical treatment plan then a practice that will evaluate and treat all of your wellness needs from the inside out? We offer cutting edge treatment protocols that bring people in to our practice from out of state as far as the East Coast to Florida and Texas. You are "who you run with in life".

Your Financial Bridge

We offer financing options through Care Credit as well as take all forms of credit cards or cash for payment.


Preventative Care Wellness Preventative Health Care:

Wellness MedSpa is dedicated to treating our inner and outer self’s needs with non-surgical state-of-the-art treatments. Our philosophy is “To glow from the inside out”. This means not only to achieve a more youthful appearance from a variety of cosmetic procedures such as botox, dermal fillers and comprehensive skin care but to actually achieve youthfulness of our inner selves. To address this need in a meaningful way we offer weight loss services, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, and dietary counseling through sophisticated laboratory analysis of our bodies allergies, intolerance's and inflammatory sources.

Wellness Testing

Wellness Testing is unique in that it evaluates on a cellular level what is getting inside your bodies cells versus what is circulating in your general blood stream which speaks to real performance ability in life versus generalized lab work.

Lab Testing

Generalized health markers are evaluated that are traditionally tested for in a medical practice to identify a starting point for your well being. Labs include, Body Organ Health and vitality overall.

Cosmetic Fillers
Starts with lab testing to see what you are lacking, what needs tweaking and what is causing you inflammation and illness or just keeping you from being your best. From there we move onto treatment protocols, weight loss and BMI Testing and from there we move to the outside and address any cosmetic needs.

Our Cosmetic Filler Team:

Juvederm Ultra XC

Juvederm Ultra Plus XC
Juvederm Voluma XC
Juvederm Volbella XC
Juvederm Vollure XC
Restylane Lift
Pellet Hormone Injection Therapy

Are you experiencing symptoms such fatigue, “brain fog”, anxiety, weight gain, loss of muscle mass, decreased sex drive and energy levels, joint pains, insulin resistance, females: hot flashes and menopausal symptoms, and males: erectile problems? Many of these symptoms and problems stem from testosterone deficiency in both sexes. The cornerstone of our bio-identical hormone replacement program is testosterone replacement therapy.


Vitamins + Skin Care + Thyroid Medications

  • PCA Skin Care Products
  • Vitamins
  • Thyroid Options

Specialists Meet Our Experts


Dr. Vikram Zadoo


Board Certified Plastic Surgeon  F.A.C.S.


Julz Collins


Registered Nurse


Carmen Morales

Licensed Aesthetician

Testimonials What Our Clients Say About Us

Wouldn't be where I am today with Wellness MedSpa! Highly recommended to anyone trying o lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle. I am 130 pounds down and counting.


I am thrilled with my results from Wellness MedSpa. I have lost a total of 55 lbs and happy to say a year later I've kept it off. This is a small, boutique style medical practice. They make sure you are successful-I felt like they are family to me on my journey and really taught me where I was getting off track in life. Thank you all at Wellness MedSpa for giving me back my "younger feeling, happy self". I could never have done it without your center and personal care!!!


I had given up on my 43 year old lip's until a friend told me about Wellness Medspa and that the surgeon there ONLY does filler's and injections, he will not farm it out to anyone else because he is so particular. I got exactly what I wanted and he used a numbing block like at the dentist, so I felt very little of pain at all. Thank you so much Dr Zadoo and staff, I feel 10 year's younger with just one procedure so far, wow!

Mindy D.

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We offer multiple contact options; Call us at 303-601-0809 or we have offer medically encrypted texting to 303-601-0809.

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